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(207 kPa, 30 psig)

GAUMOND MEDICAL GROUP INC. is proud to present its world premiere and unique concept of hyperbaric device, using a revolutionary high-performance composite fabric material. HematoCare™ is a new generation of monoplace hyperbaric chamber capable to be transportable. Futhermore, the HematoCare  provide treatments up to a pressure of 3 ATA (2 bar, 30 psig) with inhalation of 100% pure oxygen with a hood or a mask.


Essentially, the use of high performance materials from the aerospace industry means that the HematoCare™ is the only mobile concept in the world that can respond to emergencies as well as chronic therapeutic treatments. HematoCare™ combines lightness and uncompromising performance & safety for the patient. Its multiple attributes allow, for the first time, to respond to new user profiles that no rigid technology has been able to satisfy both technically and economically.


Moreover, the safety  have been the main axes of development of the HematoCare™.  The rigor of our team has allowed us to design a device worthy of the highest standards in the industry. To ensure the safety of users, we conducted several destructive tests, including pressurizing the device at a pressure of 10.3 ATA (9.3 bar, 135 psig).  This is more than 4.5 times its maximum operating pressure.


Due to its great structural flexibility, the device can be folded and stored in its suitcase to maximize space, if required. Once stored, the unit can go through any standard door 75 cm (29 “).The installation or storage of the device requires only 2 people. It takes less than 20 minutes for immediate availability in case of emergency.



Patient comfort and safety were the two guiding principles of development.

Among the equipment available, a two-way communication system that allows the patient to interact with the operator.  Optionally, a stretcher is available to facilitate the introduction of people with reduced mobility.  A touch screen allowing the operator to monitor the treatment in real time.

The volume of the HematoCare™ offers a spacious space 1350L (47.6 ft³). In other words, this is equivalent or greater than rigid chamber.
In order to enhance the interior clarity and reduce the feeling of claustrophobia felt by some patients, the device is equipped with LED lighting. The HematoCare  is equiped of two windows located at the ends of the device. These elements allow the patient to have a more pleasant and relaxing experience.

(207 kPa, 30 psig)

GAUMOND MEDICAL GROUP™ is proud to present the first 3ATA monoplace transportable hyperbaric chamber. This device is made of composite materials and is the first of its kind to provide these performance levels. The HematoCare™ provides users with unmatched versatility.


Transport case

Due to its flexible structure, the device can be easily folded and transported in a carrying case containing all equipment for its use. Once packed inside the transport case, its total volume is only 1.3 m3 . It can be rolled by one person.


The operating pressure of the HematoCare™ hyperbaric device can be raised to 207 kPa / 30 psig / 3 ATA, providing performance comparable to rigid chamber, mobility-enabled devices. The level of pressure remains the predominant parameter of a hyperbaric treatment, oxygen being the second.

Quality and Safety

When the HematoCare™ was designed; the engineering team remained focused on safety aspects. Everything aimed at developing a product compliant with the world’s highest medical standards, a challenge in itself. The HematoCare™ is now certified as a Class IIb medical device & also PVHO-1 (Case 21). To ensure optimum product safety, GMG conducted all the required testing.


When the unit is stored in its case, it requires less than 20 minutes for the patient to receive treatment. Its installation is very simple but still requires specific training. Its ergonomics is intuitive. The touch screen running Windows CE provides quick access to information.


HematoCare™ was designed to addres several user profiles such as diving centers, emergency services, professional sport teams, reconstructive surgeries clinics, DoD and medical clinics.


As an option, the device allows patients to watch movies or listen to music. This option is available to improve the patient’s experience during treatments, which last approximately 90 minutes.


1.  A flexible composite made chamber that can be folded and packed in the transport case;

2.  A digital touch screen for data management using preset programs;

3.  A solid and practical transport case convertible into the base of the hyperbaric chamber;

4.  A control station with manually operated controls allowing the real-time control of air and oxygen;

5.  Accommodates patients weighing up to 220 kg (485 lb);

6.  A white interior providing a bright cheerful space fitted to reduce claustrophobia;

7. A LED band illuminates the door and the interior of the chamber;

8. An integrated multimedia package provides entertainment during treatment (available as an option);

9. A two-way communication system between operator and patient;

10. A 2 meters (6.6 ft)  inside length allowing the loading of a stretcher;

11. A 1 meter (3.3 ft) diameter door provides easy access;

12. A quick actuating closing system with positive locking device;

13. A stretcher can be loaded on the rail system or the chamber. (Available as an optional extra, stretcher not included);

14. Provides various safety devices; relief valve, emergency valve, and more.

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