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The world’s lightest flexible hyperbaric chamber working at 3 ATA

Our company offers innovative hyperbaric devices to perform medical treatments of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

Therefore, the HematoCare ™ stands out for its incomparable versatility and aims to make hyperbaric oxygen therapy more accessible.

The transportability of the HematoCare ™ make it the only transportable (HBOT) chamber in the world capable of matching the operational parameters of conventional rigid chambers at a fraction of the price.

The world's lightest 3-ATA hyperbaric device

 The HematoCare™ is a very UNIQUE and revolutionary hyperbaric chamber:

  • Monoplace chamber pressurized with air / Inhalation of O2 through a hood or mask
  • Transportable if required
  • Approved for medical use (www.UHMS.org)
  • Could be Installed in less than 20 minutes.
  • User-friendly  and spacious
  • The only 3 ATA hyperbaric device that is mobile and approved according to the PVHO-1 safety standar
  • This product must be operated by a qualified professional

Ergonomic & flexible

HematoCare is the first transportable and flexible concept in the world, responding to UHMS approved emergency and clinical treatment.

Its ergonomic attributes allow it to adapt to new modes of use that no rigid technology has been able to satisfy, both from a technical and economic point of view.

Easy to move and install

Due to its flexible structure, the device can be easily transported in its carrying case containing all equipment for its use. This allows the possibility of being easily pushed by a person.

When the device is stored in its case, it requires, in emergency mode, less than 20 minutes for the patient to receive his treatment. Its implementation is very simple but still requires specific training..

Caisse transport HematoCare™

The new generation of hyperbaric chamber

GAUMOND MEDICAL GROUP  ™ is proud to present the first monoplace hyperbaric chamber to 3 ATA. Designed from a high performance composite fabric, it is the only device of its kind that can offer the performance levels offered.

Product not approved by Health Canada

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