HBOT is increasingly used in cosmetic clinics as preoperative and postoperative treatments.

Thanks to its anti-infective and bactericidal actions, HBOT reduces the risk of post-surgical complications especially among people at risk. In addition, through its vasoconstrictor action, HBOT significantly reduced inflammation, bruising and edema (swelling) due to the operation, as well as associated pain. Finally, the hyper-oxygenation of the body accelerates and improves healing while reducing the risk of scar tissue formation. The recovery period is reduced and postoperative discomfort minimized in intensity and duration.

With its compact design, competitive price and spacious comfortable interior, the monoplace hyperbaric chamber HematoCare™ is perfect for clinics that wish to offer safe and efficient HBOT services to their customers. The monoplace chambers allow to treat each patient individually, in private sessions and according to their specific needs.