GAUMOND MEDICAL GROUP™  –  Manufacturer of Medical devices


GAUMOND MEDICAL GROUP™ is certified according to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008

GMG offers innovative hyperbaric devices to perform medical treatments of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

GMG is a passionate company, specialized in biomedical engineering, that took up an importnat challenge: design a truly transportbale hyperbaric chamber. GMG innovates in developping its flagship product, the HematoCare™, a monoplace flexible hyperbaric chamber working up to 3 ATA. The HematoCare™ distinguinshes itself from competition by an unrivalled versatility and aims to make  hyperbaric oxygen therapy more accessible. Our mission is to provide safe and reliable deivces which meet the real user’s needs.

GMG also offers services related to the certification and design of medical devices.




The world’s lightest flexible hyperbaric chamber working at 3 ATA

(2 bar, 207 kPa, 30 psig)


HematoCare™ is a very UNIQUE and revolutionary hyperbaric chamber:

  • Monoplace
  • Collapsible (flexible)
  • Transportable
  • Safe
  • User-friendly
  • Very adaptable




HematoCare™ won the JEC 2014 Innovation Award

HematoCare™ won the Alliance Monde 2014 Innovation Award (jury and industry choices)


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