GAUMOND MEDICAL GROUP™  –  Manufacturer of Medical devices


Our company offers innovative hyperbaric devices to perform medical treatments of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). GMG is a biomedical engineering company that has taken on a major challenge: designing a transportable hyperbaric chamber « The HematoCare ». This revolutionary hyperbaric concept has the ability to be pressurized up to 3-ATA. Therefore, the HematoCare ™ stands out for its incomparable versatility and aims to make hyperbaric oxygen therapy more accessible. 

Because of its versatility and operational capabilities, the HematoCare ™ can now be installed in multiple contexts that no rigid device can compete to date.

The transportability of the HematoCare ™ make it the only transportable (HBOT) chamber in the world capable of matching the operational parameters of conventional rigid chambers at a fraction of the price.


The world’s lightest flexible hyperbaric chamber working at 3 ATA

(2 bar, 207 kPa, 30 psig)

   The HematoCare™ is a very UNIQUE and revolutionary hyperbaric chamber:

  • Presurized with air & 100% pure oxygen through a hood or mask
  • Transportable if required
  • Approved for medical use (
  • User-friendly & spacious
  • Installation in less than 20 min.
  • The only & the first mobile 3 ATA hyperbaric units approved under PHHO-1